Following the UK Government request to stop all unnecessary social contact, and given the close physical nature of our training, I have made the decision to close the club for the time being. Additionally, as of 17/03/20 the Jitsu Foundation, our governing body, has decided to suspend all national, regional and club activity for three months. We will reopen as soon as conditions permit. In the meantime I remind members that they can log in to the members area and access a range of training material and videos to help keep their hard won Jitsu knowledge from fading due to lack of use.

If you do not have a login follow the "create an account" link in the "Members Area" panel.


Welcome to our new website. If you are looking for Chesham Jitsu don't worry, we just changed our name.

If you are looking to start Jiu Jitsu have a look at our Starting Jiu Jitsu section which should have all the information you need.

If you are already training at a Jiu Jitsu Foundation club or looking to return to Jiu Jitsu after a break you should find everything you need in Training Info.

If you are planning to come and train with us we recommend you create an account so you can benefit from the additional members content and we can make sure you are notified of any events or session cancellations.