What to Wear

Non-restrictive clothing that you could safely roll around the floor in without hurting yourself on seams etc. The classic example would be a t-shirt and tracksuit trousers but a gym top and leggings would also be OK. If you have a heavyweight gi e.g. from a previous martial art like judo that would also be acceptable. If you have some flip-flops they are handy to wear while setting out or getting on and off the mat.

On Arrival

Boring I know but we need you to fill out a form with some contact details and medical info (if you are under 18 we'll need a parent / guardian to fill it in for you). Filling in the form does not commit you anything and we don't even expect you to pay the session fee for your first session. If you want to be super organised you can even download it and bring it with you already filled in.

You will also be asked to read through the induction guide for new starters if you have not already read it in the downloads section.

A Typical Session


This is usually just setting the mats out. We are lucky to have 72 mof International Judo Federation approved interlocking mats which are not only comfortable and safe to train on but they are also light (each mat weighs just over 2Kg), easy to lay out and don't come apart during training like traditional mats do. As it's your first session someone will show you how to help set out the mat.

Warm Up

This is all about raising your heart rate and muscle temperature and working your joints and muscles through a wide range to minimise the risks of injury during training. We also include some core stability and cardio work but don't worry if you think you are unfit, we want to help you improve your fitness, not beast you into the ground!


Formal bow to start the session. There is a right way to do it but we're not going to get upset if you can't do it because you've never been shown how.

Technical Development

Bascially "show and tell" from the instructor followed by practice, usually in pairs, taking turns to be each side of a scenario. Techniques are usually developed in stages to make them easier to understand. Active feedback from fellow Jitsuka (students) and Sensei (instructor) during the practice. This forms the bulk of the session.  

Reinforcment / Stress Testing

Typically there will be an opportunity to revisit the techniques covered in the session in a way that 

Warm Down

If needed we take a little time for a warm down and some stretching.


Formal bow to end the session.

Tear Down

Putting the mats and any other equipment back into storage.


We pretty much always head to the Saracen's Head pub in Whielden Street (less than 100m from the hall) for a post session drink and a chat.