We teach Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu as governed by The Jiu Jitsu Foundation. Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu is a modern form of the traditional Japanese martial art of Jiu Jitsu which simply described is:

  • An unarmed defensive martial art which uses an attacker's momentum, intent and body mechanics against them
  • It uses lock, throwing, misdirection and striking to subdue an opponent
  • It is traditionally based incorporating many spectacular traditional throwing techniques
  • Is a living martial art adapted for the modern day

Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu evolved from a lot of the same traditional Jiu Jitsu techniques as Judo but the techniques of Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu are taught in the context of self-defence rather than as a sport. Because of this difference in approach Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu retains many techniques that are applicable to self-defence but which were removed to make Judo a sport.

In common with most martial arts regular training in Jiu Jitsu gives you:

  • Improved strength, fitness, co-ordination and posture
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved confidence and self-discipline

In addition to improving confidence regular training in Jiu Jitsu also helps to develop leadership skills as the development of leadership and coaching ability is built into our syllabus from very early on.